Water Tour

This circular tour over several legs will appeal to gourmets, nature lovers and those simply looking for peace and quiet. Pristine, unspoilt Wimitztal valley, Lake Goggausee, Lake Ossiacher See near Feldkirchen and the upper Glantal valley all invite you to take on a restorative, but challenging cycle- water- and nature- adventure.

Tour Route

The route uses parts of the Carinthian provincial cycle path network. Additional signposts at key points will help you find your way!

The sections in detail:
  • Fuchspalast in St. Veit an der Glan – St. Veit an der Glan railway station
  • R7 “Friesacherweg” cycle path: St. Veit an der Glan railway station – Hunnenbrunn
  • R5A “Wimitzradweg” cycle path: Hunnenbrunn – Kraig – Lake Goggausee – Steuerberg – “Urscherwirt” inn
  • R2C “Turracher Radweg” cycle path: “Urscherwirt” inn – Oberboden – Himmelberg – Feldkirchen railway station
  • R2 “Ossiachersee Radweg” cycle path: Feldkirchen railway station – Steindorf am Ossiachersee railway station
  • R2 “Ossiachersee Radweg” cycle path: Steindorf am Ossiachersee railway station – Feldkirchen railway station
  • R5 “Glan-Gurk Radweg” cycle path: Feldkirchen railway station – Glanegg – South of St. Veit
  • R7 “Friesacherweg” cycle path: South of St. Veit – St. Veit an der Glan railway station
  • St. Veit an der Glan railway station – St. Veit an der Glan “Fuchspalast”
  • R5B “Gurkradweg” cycle path: shorter variant route: Steuerberg – Poitschach

This tour starts at the Fuchspalast in St. Veit an der Glan, with its highly recommended multi-media exhibition “Erlebnis Energie (Energy Adventure)”. You should also visit the Museum of St. Veit, and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic town centre. The route takes you past the railway station, to path R7, the “Friesacherweg”, which you follow out of the town in a northerly direction. Parallel to the freeway, the cycle path runs steadily uphill right from the start and all the way to Hunnenbrunn. There you branch off to the left and follow cycle path R5A “Wimitzradweg”, past Lake Kraiger See, where you might fancy a swim. Then follow the main road and, after a short downhill stretch, you go gently uphill again and enter the Wimitztal valley. At the point where the main road climbs steeply and leaves the valley, this tour goes off to the left and follows the forest path into the “Innere Wimitz” nature reserve. Alongside the brook there is a gently climbing stretch of some 15km through almost pristine nature, taking you to Lake Goggausee, an inviting place for a well earned break and a swim.

From Lake Goggausee the path at first takes you downhill but then climbs steeply again in the direction of Steuerberg. Just past Steuerberg you have the option of shortening the tour, by taking cycle path R5B “Gurkradweg” and cutting across to Feldkirchen. If you decide to stay on the full circular route, push on uphill, to this tour’s highest point, near mount Zedlitzberg. By then the steep climbs are behind you, and you will be on path R2C “Turracherradweg”, where it is downhill all the way to Himmelberg! This is where the river Tiebel rises at Tiebel springs. They are well worth seeing and are just a short walk from the Gemeindeamt (town hall). Proceed along the “Poitschacher Graben” (trench) and you will finally reach Feldkirchen and its railway station. In Feldkirchen you have three options:

1. Ride along cycle path R2, the beautiful “Ossiachersee Radweg”, across Bleistätter Moor, where the river Tiebel flows into Lake Ossiachersee, and then return once more to Feldkirchen. Have fun enjoying a bath and the pleasure boat trips offered by the Ossiachersee Schifffahrt. Steindorf am Ossiachersee railway station, near the shipping pier is either the point at which you turn back, or the finish of this variant route.

2. Finish your cycle tour in Feldkirchen and return to your starting place by train.

3. Cycle back to the starting place along cycle path R5 “Glan-Gurk Radweg”. If you take this option, you leave Feldkirchen once more in the direction of St. Veit an der Glan. Caution: over the first 5km there are stretches that run on the main road (cycle path under construction). From Glanegg, where there is a ruined castle of the same name, the route follows minor roads and cycle paths as far as Rohnsdorf. Branch off to the left there and after a short stretch on the main road, the route takes you to a bridge over the river Glan on your right. Some may fancy a detour to Liebenfels to visit the “Water Adventure Trail” and the “Liebenfels Climbing Garden”, below Liebenfels castle ruins. On the banks of the river Glan, the cycle path runs past the Stadium energy site, and back towards St. Veit an der Glan. In the town, just after the railway underpass turn left and follow cycle path R7 “Friesacherradweg”. It will take you back to your starting place, past the Hallenbad (Indoor Pool) energy site and via another railway underpass.

Technical Information

  • Starting place: St. Veit an der Glan - Fuchspalast
  • Finish: St. Veit an der Glan - Fuchspalast
  • Distance: 103.5 km
  • Altitude difference: 990 m
  • Duration: 11 hrs
  • Degree of difficulty: difficult
  • Note: return trip by train.
    Of course you can also deal the return trip by your own energy if you have an economically way of cycling or you are prepared to cycle without electrical support.

Water Tour

Water Tour