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Water Tour bike-trekking variation

Linking Feldkirchen and St. Veit this energetic alternative to the Glantal valley “Water Tour” runs along the southern slopes of the Wimitz mountains through small villages and unspoilt nature. Lake Urban and the picturesquely located Sörg fortified church are just two of the many highlights of this tour with its profusion of marvellous views and wonderful scenery.

Tour Route

The various stretches in detail:
  • R2C “Turrach Cycle Path”: from Feldkirchen railway station to Feldkirchen St. Ruprechterstraβe crossroads
  • Feldkirchen St. Ruprechterstraβe crossroads to St. Urban
  • St. Urban – Glantschach – Pulst – Sörg – Treffelsdorf – St. Veit stadium
  • R5 “Glan-Gurk Cycle Path”: St. Veit stadium – St. Veit Süd (south)
  • R7 “Friesacherweg Cycle Path”: St. Veit Süd (south) – St. Veit an der Glan railway station
  • St. Veit an der Glan railway station – “Fuchspalast”, St. Veit an der Glan
  • Return by train or on the R5 “Glan-Gurk Cycle Path”

From Feldkirchen railway the route briefly follows R2C, the “Turrach Cycle Path”, in a northerly direction. After about 200m turn right into St. Ruprechter Straβe (road) and, climbing steeply through St. Ruprecht, leaving the built-up area behind you.

From a small plateau just beyond Lake Dietrichsteiner See, you can enjoy the wonderful panoramic view for the first time. Then it is downhill again, before a demanding ascent round hair-pin bends that takes you 200m higher to St. Urban and then Lake Urban. A break there is well-earned and it’s a spot that offers many inducements to linger.

After that it is gentle, downhill going in a high valley along the main road. Leave the road at Liemberg for a short ascent, before proceeding steadily downhill on the “Water Adventure Path” as far as Glantschach. Make the most of this spot and take a breather because a climb involving an altitude difference of 270metres lies ahead of you, past the “Liebenfels Climbing Garden” and the “Liebenfels castle ruins” in the direction of Sörg. Sörg is accessible by a no-through-road but should by no means be missed! On the south slope of the Wimitz mountains, this locality boasts a wonderful view. The focus of the town of Sörg is the parish church, dedicated to St Martin.

From Sörg it is steadily downhill to Treffelsdorf, passing through several small villages. Leave the main road in Treffelsdorf and ride through the town centre in the direction of the Glantal valley. Caution: the last leg is downhill along unsurfaced tracks!

AFrom the “Energieschauplatz Stadion (Energy Site Stadium)” the cycle path takes you along the “Water Tour” to the R5 “Glan-Gurk Cycle Path” back in the direction of St. Veit an der Glan. In the town centre, just after the railway underpass, turn left onto the R7 “Friesacherradweg Cycle Path. Go” past the “Energieschauplatz Hallenbad (Indoor Swimming Pool)” and after another railway underpass, follow signs for the town centre. The Fuchspalast in St. Veit an der Glan, with its fascinating “Energy Adventure” multi-media exhibition, marks the final destination of this tour. Do visit St. Veit Museum and enjoy the flair of the Old Town.

Technical Information

  • Starting place: Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Railway Station
  • Finish: St. Veit/Glan, Fuchspalast
  • Distance: 36,8 km
  • Altitude difference: 730 m
  • Duration: ca. 4:30 h
  • Degree of difficulty: demanding
  • Note: return trip by train
    Of course you can also deal the return trip by your own energy if you have an economically way of cycling or you are prepared to cycle without electrical support on the R5 “Glan-Gurk Cycle Path”.

Water Tour bike-trekking variation

Water Tour bike-trekking variation



The “e-biking in Central Carinthia” project was realised and funded as part of the Austrian Programme for the Development of Rural Areas, under bullet point 4 (LEADER). Funding to a total of 91,000 Euros was supplied by the European Union and the Province of Carinthia.

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