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Saulalpe Mountain Bike Tour

Deep in the wonderful mountain landscape of Central Carinthia, this mountain bike route runs from Eberstein at the foot of the Saualpe mountains to the fortified churches of Hochfeistritz and Diex, with their fabulous views. The scenery is of the most sublimely beautiful, yet, because of the steep ascents, this is a truly challenging mountain ride and is definitely for dyed-in-the-wool mountain bikers, or users of electric mountain bikes.

Tour Route

The tour starts from right in front of the Gemeindeamt (Town Hall) in Eberstein, a town with impressive castle buildings and lots of visitor attractions (e.g. the Ebersteiner Volksliedhaus [Folk Song House], the medicinal herb garden, llama trekking, the Noric Panorama Footpath, etc.).

From the Gemeindeamt in Eberstein there is a short stretch along the Saualpe road, before the route climbs to the right, leaving behind the Görtschitztal valley. At first still accompanied by meadows, the path then heads uphill through woodland before joining the Noric Panorama Path. By this stage most of the gruelling altitude difference has already been mastered. So that there are no more significant climbs as you follow the Noric Panorama Path as far as Mirnig - a first place take a breather.

Continue along the Noric Panoramic Path as far as Hochfeistritz. The beautiful distant views and the “Hochfeistritz” fortified church are certainly highlights of this tour, inviting you to stop for a rest. The route then takes you onwards and upwards in the direction of Diex. Just before Diex there is an optional shortcut – alternatively you can push straight on to Diex’s fortified church. Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view in the town with Austria’s highest number of hours of sunshine.

From this point onwards it’s a fast ride on an asphalt road. At first the road is level, then from Gretschitz it gets steeper, as it makes its way for about 12km down into the valley. When you finally reach the Görtschitztal valley again, the route heads gently uphill towards the north, taking you back to your starting place.

Technical Information

  • Starting place: Gemeindeamt Eberstein
  • Finish: Gemeindeamt Eberstein
  • Distance: 39,4 km
  • Altitude difference: 1.150 m
  • Duration: approx. 6:00 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: demanding

Saualpe Mountain Bike Tour

Saualpe Mountain Bike Tour



The “e-biking in Central Carinthia” project was realised and funded as part of the Austrian Programme for the Development of Rural Areas, under bullet point 4 (LEADER). Funding to a total of 91,000 Euros was supplied by the European Union and the Province of Carinthia.

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