Arrival by railways

Travelling by train – no queues; stress-free. Intercity services between Carinthia and all the important European centres run at intervals of two hours. St. Veit railway station is only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.

Departure Arrival
Scotty timetable information

SCOTTY is an ÖBB (Austrian Railways) online tool that helps you plan your journey on public transport. Real-time information for ÖBB train services is also provided. It shows you whether each train is on time or by how many minutes it is delayed. What’s more, any current delays are taken into consideration for calculation purposes - if a train is delayed SCOTTY still calculates your best journey option. With ÖBB you will always reach your destination!

Taking your bicycle on the train

You would like to travel with your bike? No problem! The ÖBB provides a range of different offers, for example the “Einfach Raus” bicycle ticket at very competitive rates! more information


The “e-biking in Central Carinthia” project was realised and funded as part of the Austrian Programme for the Development of Rural Areas, under bullet point 4 (LEADER). Funding to a total of 91,000 Euros was supplied by the European Union and the Province of Carinthia.

Transport partners


A list of taxi and coach businesses:
List of all transport partners

Partner businesses

Our many partner businesses have are on stand-by to welcome cyclists and e-cyclists! You can find a full list of hotels, accommodation providers, restaurants and catering businesses here: List of all partner businesses


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