Central Carinthia

The historic heart of Carinthia can look back across thousands of years of cultural history. A host of sights and attractions, and of villages and places to visit will give your imagination free rein to dwell upon times long past. This awareness of history combines with a willingness to embrace the applied technologies of the future, which make such good sense for our Region. So at the very centre of things there remains a fascinating tension between tradition and innovation.

Central Carinthia

From a geographical point of view Central Carinthia is located between the Saualm mountain pasture in the East and the Nockberge mountains to the Northwest. It is a characteristically rural Region, with a few small towns and municipalities. Apart from the beauty and variety of nature, Central Carinthia offers its guests an opportunity to get to know the rich cultural heritage and history of this land. The museums and castles bear witness to that history; pilgrimage trails and hiking paths encourage reflection and contemplation and the numerous villages and bathing lakes offer a chance to unwind.

Central Carinthia narrates its own history – but Central Carinthia is also making history!

With an emphasis on renewable energies the Region is applying itself to ensuring an environmentally friendly future. Electric vehicles not only invite the holiday-maker to go travelling back in time; but above all they are an invitation to embark on an innovative journey of discovery, and our photovoltaic power stations, Water Worlds and alternative heating solutions will certainly inspire you to think again.

A cuisine to restore your energy - the Central Carinthia Region is also a land of culinary temptations. There are locally brewed beers and wine production. A multitude of gastronomic outlets prepares and presents regional produce in the most creative and tasteful ways.

Central Carinthia has its finger on the pulse – visit us and be our guest!


The “e-biking in Central Carinthia” project was realised and funded as part of the Austrian Programme for the Development of Rural Areas, under bullet point 4 (LEADER). Funding to a total of 91,000 Euros was supplied by the European Union and the Province of Carinthia.

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