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Görtschitztal Tour

In the midst of the Saualpe, Guttaring and Brückl mountain uplands, you ride from Althofen, through the beautiful Görtschitztal valley – a noted centre for the arts - and the “Görtschitztal Milk” region of culinary delights to St. Veit an der Glan. On this demanding day-tour, parts of the route follow the course of a disused railway and also the imposing castle of Hochosterwitz awaits a visit from you.

Tour Route

The route uses parts of the Carinthian provincial cycle path network. Additional signposts at key points will help you find your way!

The sections in detail:
  • R7B “Kappelerweg” cycle path: Treibach-Althofen railway station – Silberegg
  • R7C “Silbereggerweg” cycle path: Silberegg – Guttaring – Mösel
  • R7A “Görtschitztal Radweg” cycle path: Mösel – Klein St. Paul – Brückl
  • R5 “Glan-Gurk Radweg” cycle path: Brückl – Reipersdorf – Glandorf
  • R7 “Friesacherweg” cycle path: Glandorf – St. Veit an der Glan railway station
  • St. Veit an der Glan railway station – St. Veit an der Glan Fuchspalast

This tour starts from in front of Treibach-Althofen railway station.

A tip for connoisseurs: on the stretch between Althofen and Pöckstein-Zwischenwässern we recommend taking the Gurktal Museum Railway! Enjoy the romance of this authentic narrow-gauge railway.

VAs you come out of the railway station your route leads off to the right from the square. After about 300m turn right again, under the railway lines, following cycle path R7B “Kappelerweg” in the direction of Althofen town centre until you reach the roundabout. If you are not put off by the steep incline, you have the option of continuing straight on into the historic town centre of Althofen, with its Auer-von-Welsbach museum. However, the designated route turns right at the roundabout, away from the town, on a path that crosses the Krappfeld lowlands, in the direction of Silberegg.

From Silberegg cycle path R7C “Silbereggerweg” traverses “Rabachboden”, an almost completely wild area alongside Silberbach stream as far as Guttaring, offering some pleasant opportunities for taking a break. From Guttaring the cycle path runs steeply uphill along the main road, in the direction of Mösel. Before cycling downhill again, you may wish to make a detour to Maria Hilf church. Then there is a descent in the direction of Mösel, where your route takes you to the right into the Görtschitztal valley, on R7A “Görtschitztal Radweg”. This recently established cycle path follows the course of a disused railway line. The Saualpe mountains and the Brückl and Guttaring mountain uplands serve as the backdrop to your steadily downhill ride to Wieting. In Wieting you leave the course of the former railway and your cycle path runs alongside the road, as far as Klein St. Paul, which is noted as a centre for artists. The interesting Sonnenalm visitor dairy and the Museum für Quellenkultur (Museum of Source Culture) are right by the path.

The route continues downhill southwards, to Eberstein with its impressive castle and numerous attractions (e.g. Ebersteiner Volksliedhaus (folk song centre), the medicinal herb garden, llama trekking, the Norican panorama footpath &c). When you press on to Brückl, leave the R7A “Görtschitztal” cycle path at the third roundabout. Then follow the R5 “Glan-Gurk” cycle path in the direction of St. Veit an der Glan. Caution: the next 5km stretch runs along a main road with heavy traffic. With the impressive Hochosterwitz castle in your sights you leave the main road and the path takes you right to the foot of the famous castle crag. In Niederosterwitz keep to the right, and turn left soon afterwards to ride steadily downhill through a little valley, until you reach the Sonnenpark Untermühlbach energy site – this short detour is definitely worthwhile! After Untermühlbach bear right and follow the main road for 300m. Then turn right onto the R7 “Friesacherweg” cycle path alongside the river Glan. Most of the route runs parallel with the Glan across fields and meadows, in the direction of St.Veit. At the point where a bridge crosses the river to your left, keep to the right and proceed to the Hallenbad (Indoor Pool) energy site. Once you have crossed Völkermarkter Straße road your ride takes you through traffic-calmed residential streets, through a railway underpass and via the railway station into St. Veit an der Glan town centre.

This tour’s final destination is the Fuchspalast, with its highly recommended multi-media exhibition “Erlebnis Energie (Energy Adventure)”. You should also visit the Museum of St. Veit, and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic town centre.

Technical Information

  • Starting place: Treibach-Althofen railway station
  • Finish: St. Veit an der Glan - Fuchspalast
  • Distance: 48.9 km
  • Altitude difference: 365 m
  • Duration: 5 hrs
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Note: return trip by train.
    Of course you can also deal the return trip by your own energy if you have an economically way of cycling or you are prepared to cycle without electrical support.

Görtschitztal Tour

Görtschitztal Tour



The “e-biking in Central Carinthia” project was realised and funded as part of the Austrian Programme for the Development of Rural Areas, under bullet point 4 (LEADER). Funding to a total of 91,000 Euros was supplied by the European Union and the Province of Carinthia.

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